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Web Site Banners
Please use anyone of these banners to help promote my web site, on your own site.
My personal pictures, animal banners, and Star Wars Banners.  Many to choose from.
The link to use is will lead to my site.

Web Site Banner
Web Site Advertisement Banner
Photo Gallery Banner
Link to photo gallery is

Animal Banners
Photos I found on the web and made them into web site banners.  If you like these banners, then use them on your site.

Choose the banner that fits your web site best.  Or, your favorite character.
Use as the link to web site.

Yoda Banner
Yoda Banner
Palpatine Banner
Emperor Banner
Leia Banner
Leia Banner
Vader Banner
Vader Banner
Luke Banner

Han & Leia Banner

other Banners
Other Banners I created for the many different web sites out there.