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Batman Begins is truly the beginning of the Batman story.  This is before the Joker, Two Face, or Catwoman.  Bruce Wayne is a young man who's parents are murdered, and he's copping with the guilt of their deaths.  He seeks revenge for them.  But, finds another way to take revenge and clean up the city of Gotham by becoming the cap crusader.  He disappears for seven years, learns from Ra' al Gul all the martial arts and ninja training he will need to create justice in the world; which turns out badly, as Ra' al Gul does not turn out to be the man who Wayne thought he should be.  But, Wayne surviving a narrow escape returns to Gotham City to clean it up.  He returns to find his shares of his father company being sold, and Gotham worse off than before.  Then, we begin to see the beginnings of Batman crusade against the criminals of Gotham.

Batman Begins is an excellent look at how the story of Batman began.  I like that the movie devotes a good deal of time to the training of Bruce Wayne, before he even understood what he wants to become.  I like how we find the bat cave and see him develop his bat suite.  I like the bat mobile.  I love how we see Gordon as an idealistic officer who sees all the corruption in Gotham, but feels powerless to stop it.  We see the trouble of living the double life of Bruce Wayne and Batman.  A relationship, between Wayne and Rachel Dawes, that has a beginning but never starts.  This movie has depth and make sure you understand the relationship between everyone involved.  You can tell the characters were well thought out and given personalities, not just comic book characteristics.

Batman Begins is a great start to a new series of batman films.  A different look and feel to the movies.  I think that they are even more darker than the ones with Michael Keaton.  I think Christian Bale as Batman is a great choice.  He is so good at both roles in the film.  He has a great sense of humor about the role.  I love him in the role, as much as I love the movie.  I think it is action packed and not a dull moment in the film.  My favorite super hero is superman, but Batman has always run a close second.  Especially, when it is the darker version.  I love the Batman movie with Michael Keaton, but this one is good on a slightly different level.  Not better.  The performance by Jack Nicholson, in the 80's Batman movie, just makes that one great.

Yet, my only pet peeve with all Batman films, the hero reveals himself to the woman he loves.  For a change, can Batman's identity remain a secret.  I mean, he's to keep something to himself.  My hope is, that the next Batman movie, Batman doesn't show anyone his identity, except Alfred.

Should you see Batman Begins?  Absolutely.  After seeing it, you'll probably want to see it again. I wanted to see it for a second time right after the credits started to roll.

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Caine as Alfred Pennyworth     Roache as Dr. Thomas Wayne     Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone   Hauer as Richard Earle
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