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Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is the story of Jim Braddock(Crowe) the prize fighter from the twenties and early thirties.  The movie is of his life and the rise and fall of his career.  We see Braddock at the beginning of his career, then the depression hits.  He struggles to keep his family together during the Great Depression.  He has to hope to be chosen to work every day, because it is hard to come by for a job.  Mae Braddock (Zellweger) finds it hard to make decision to keep her family from starving.  Braddock through simple act of fate, gets another chance at fighting, with a chance at the title, once again.

Cinderella Man is a good tale.  It makes for a great true to life story.  Crowe plays his role with great ability and convincing acting.  I believed him as Braddock trying to do the best for his family and do what he does best.  Zellweger is wonderful in her role as a loving wife struggle to keep her family together and on the right track.  Both are oscar nominees performances.

Ron Howard does another amazing job creating suspence in a true to life story.  Here is a story of a man who all one has to do is go on the internet and research Jim Braddock's career.  You can find out the outcome of all his fights and look for the accuracy of the film.  But, Howard's style just creates great drama when watching it.  The fight scenes do get you involved, as you hope Braddock figures out a way to when the fight.  i found myself ducking and diving the punches.  There were times when the force of the hit made me wince.  The action of the film is great and dramatic.  Howard has some ability to take a real story and keep the drama.  Make one become part of the moment.

Cinderella Man is a great human interest story and is one of the best drama stories of the year.  It is a must see in theaters.

More Stars
Bierko as Max Baer     Considine as Mike Wilson
                                                                      Craig Bierko                    Paddy Considine
Ariel Waller as Rosemarie Braddock
Patrick Louis as Howard Braddock
Connor Price as Jay Braddock
Ariel Waller, Patrick Louis, & Connor Price

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