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FlightPlan is the story of a woman Kyle who boards a transatlantic flight with her daughter, Julie.  Hours into the flight her daughter disappears without a trace.  As Kyle worries of the whereabouts of her daughter, no one saw her daughter bored with her.  She gets the crew to help her search, but no ones finds her, nor a trace.  But, with the death of Kyle husband, everyone believes she is just stressed out because of it.  It is even rumored her daughter died with her husband and she is just in denial.

FlightPlan is a very good movie.  Jodi Foster makes it even better.  The story of the movie is believable through Foster performance.  Otherwise this might seem a little unbelievable.  Her true belief she has a daughter and no one is doing enough to find her makes you the viewer become involved in he film even more.  You know she came on board with a daughter, but no one but you saw her board the plan with her daughter.

The film does a good job confusing whether she had a daughter.  Because of the death of her husband, she may have been a little delusional and may not have a daughter.  But, in the end, you want her to find her daughter and for not to be crazy.  The only time I felt the movie may be a little weak is in the overall ending.  It is not completely textbook, but predictable.  I like the ending, but no big deal on how it ended.

FlightPlan is a good.  I hope word of mouth spreads and people go to see it.  It is a certain see in theater movie, and buyer when it hits video.

Other Stars
Christensen as Fiona     Bean as Captain Rich
Erika Christensen (far right)                                           Sean Bean(left)

Beahan as Stephanie
(far right)     Lawston as Julia
                                                             Kate Beahan(far right)                            Marlene Lawston

Other Scenes

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