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This is my Animated Gifs collection.  All the gifs are free.  I decided to make this gallery, after I saw how many people created galleries of their own.  I decided to create my own gallery.  Check them out, most you've probably scene before, but check them out.  Give them time to load, because some have many in one section.

Also, on the side, you'll find the links to the sites I got them from.  It is not all the sites I visited, but most.  Visit and see some I never took.

These are not all the gifs I have.  I have published a second site, just for the rest of the gifs collection.  Animals, divider bars, adult gifs, cartoon characters, more Star Wars, Star Trek, Simpsons, Sports.  Need web backgrounds, on the second site.   A complete links page of Animated Gifs is also on the second site.  I've even added games on the site, so, after you take some of the gifs, play a game or two.

Click here: C. N. Taylor 2 Animation on Cloud City.

Best of 3D


Short Movies
The lifeguard who come to the rescue.

A much more violent spoof of the Jerry Springier.

Which is better martial arts or the gun.

The fight with a tragic ending.

The Simpsons

Star Trek

Star Wars
(67more on my animated gifs site)

A Funny look if something else happen.
A short Gif of humor Given to me by Ilyse