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Hotel Rwanda, is the story of (Character Name, Don Cheatal) survival in his home country during one of the modern worlds most brutal massacres.  He runs a hotel in Ruwanda, were it is his safe haven.  He brings his family and brings in refugees to spare all their lives.  He makes deals and struggle to keep the people alive.

Hotel Rwanda is one of the best movies I saw last year.  It is emotional and inspiring to the soul.  The performance of Don Cheatal is great.  He is a man desperate to keep his family alive, but make sure the hotel he is responsible for, remains open.  I think and feel Cheatal brings this through with little effort.  I believe he is in the situation he is in.  He is believable.  The movie is successful in frustrating you.  Because, you want the people at the hotel to survive.  They do not want to killed just because they are part of another tribe.  The U.N. will not help them.  The world is afraid to get involved.  They are left on their own.

The movie is good as a whole.  I think it is something one should see.  We live in a great big world with small and big stories to be heard.  This is one story that should be heard.  We need to know moral tales, and stuggles of survival.  We need to think if we were in that situation, what would we do?  I think once you see hotel Rwanda, you can't help but think about that in the end.  I would say one failing of the film, it didn't get you involved in the massacre enough.  Meaning, the film wants you to understand the danger the people are in in the hotel, but don't let you feel the danger of the people who are not in the hotel.  As cruel or insane I might sound, I wanted to see more of the massacre going on.  I think the brutallity of what had happened would have been better to see rather than be suggested.

See Hotel Rwanda, you'll cry a little.  You'll feel good in the end and hope.  But, you should not forget the massacre that happened to close a million people.

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Sophie Okonedo & Antonio Lyons

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